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We are also seeing spicier flavor innovation used to capture the Millennial consumer that desires more from their condiments.
Football derbies are always exciting in Liverpool, but boxing ones are even spicier.
Hot on the heels of the bourbon boom, more ryes are appearing on shelves as consumers explore whiskey's spicier, fruitier side.
By contrast, the spicier foods of Northern China favor a stronger type of cognac such as Martell X.
Use the included Spicier Knuckle knot for simple ascent and descent.
Dubai: The Taste of Dubai food festival just got a bit spicier.
Today's picture shows the North East version of the Spice Girls, 'The Spicier Girls' from Benwell, Laura Hansen, Nicola Gowland, Stephanie Dixon, Sharlene Baruni, and Danielle Mott but in what year?
Now The Heart of the Plate: Vegetarian Recipes for a New Generation achieves the same, offering revamped and new dishes--some 250 that represent lighter fare, spicier foods, and easy preparations suitable for entertaining or daily home feasts.
It tasted a lot like falafel, with all the same familiar seasonings and chickpea taste, though a tad saltier and spicier than normal.
On the spicier side, south Indian food retained its high demands.