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Andy Hirst: "The vegetable one was surprisingly far spicier than the meat one - and lucky too as otherwise it would have felt like eating pebbledash.
DELICIOUS greens such as pak choi and Chinese cabbage have a mild flavour which boost stir fries and salads, while others such as the mustard giant red are great if you want a spicier, hotter flavour.
Its time to bid farewell to the light fruity and floral scents that are perfect matches for the warmer months, and get ready to greet the heavier, spicier scents that complement the cooler days and nights with style and substance.
Her saucy revelations have suddenly given the show's title - Celebrities Go Wild - a whole new, much spicier meaning.
Slightly spicier are the Jalfrezi and Madras sauces.
NOTE: Use a mild salsa in egg mixture if you're concerned about the heat; serve a spicier salsa on the side so guests can help themselves.
SPICIER, more pungent foods often need wines with spicier fruitiness.
It's leaner, it's spicier, it's fresher, it's dehydrated, it's from far away and may soon become a favorite at your local restaurant.
JOHN BROWN may have 'retired' but he provided one of Tuesday's spicier moments when putting a question from the AGM floor to Sports Minister Richard Caborn, asking if it still remained government policy to retain the levy if "we can't find a commercial legally enforceable alternative".
Stained wood box with glass front; paper, light bulb, colored-paper image on wood form, plastic spicier, tree bark, and dried leaves, 14 1/4" x 10 1/2 x 5 1/4" (36 x 26 x 13 cm).
One of the spicier tag-lines used in a new ad campaign based on real life scenarios experienced at the ICC.
Get into the good habit of using Herbamare or spicier Trocomare (available in health shops) as alternative salts.