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Analysis of UK ordering habits over the last 12 months also revealed that Northerners are far less likely than Southerners to plump for the spiciest dishes.
The buffet spread is cleverly signposted, with clear markers informing diners which are the spiciest dishes.
Noted for the cityOs spiciest Bloody Mary (virgin or with a kick), FreddyOs is named for Alfred Heineken, who entertained guests here.
The spiciest of the curries, it has coconut milk, ginger, red curry paste, peppers, green beans, bamboo, coriander and basil.
In the official announcement, the spiciest aspect of the Jinchuan offer is that it includes a 58% premium above the 30-day Volume Weighted Average Share Price as on 25 March 2011, the last trading day prior to Metorex's first cautionary announcement before the Vale Offer.
I'm half Indian and I'll continue to hydrate myself with the spiciest of liquids consumed in Asia.
Tottenham versus Arsenal is one of the oldest and spiciest rivalries in football but this evening's Carling Cup showdown between the clubs at White Hart Lane is far from a normal tear-up.
The restaurant on Cowbridge Road East, has coupled its chicken tikka masala with the Labour leader Gordon Brown, its spiciest dish, phaal, with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and its sweet and sour dish, a dhansak, with the Conservative leader David Cameron.
This time, they reported that the wine was spiciest under blue and green light, and the most bitter under blue light.
It's the spiciest, sauciest and most rib sticking Plum yet
But then again, what would you expect from a hot sauce made from the spiciest peppers on the planet?
We also loved the Chicken Chettinadu, which is one of the spiciest south Indian curry dishes.