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Spicily packed with smoked bacon and mushroom, I savoured their savour.
The karahi gosht - diced lamb in oriental spices with herbs, tomatoes and capsicum - was dry, delicate yet spicily exciting.
Matthiola (matt-ee-OH-la) or stock is a spicily fragrant bedding plant that will delight the olfactory-oriented gardener.
The fact is, curry is merely old fashioned prison food, slops if you will, old meat dressed up spicily, a sort of culinary Joan Collins.
It manages to be both spicily jarring and creamy smooth at the same time.
95, the same price as Casal Casino Albarino 2005, a gloriously fragrant but subtle dry white from north west Spain, and also Kim Crawford Gewurztraminer 2005 from New Zealand, a terrific example, with a ripe banana, rose petal and kiwi fruit fragrance and a soft, spicily fruity taste, balanced by unusually crisp acidity for the variety.
2% ABV), a rich, strong spicily malty bitter with a pleasant dry finish, is a terrific alternative.
99) with its silky, elegant, but concentrated brambly, blackcurrant, black cherry and spicily oaked fruit would be heavenly.