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If you lay off any time for a few days, rehearse him with the spike a couple of times just before you begin again, or else he might forget it and queer the turn by ambling around with the first outside rube that mounts him.
Just have Sam here, or any of your three, slide in and spike him from the palm.
And Barney was sold, and passed out of the Cedarwild Animal School to the slavery of the spike and to be provocative of much joy and laughter in the pleasure-theatre of the world.
After walking for about three hours the Prince came upon a dreary-looking grey stone wall; this was the back of the building and did not attract him; but when he came upon the front of the house he found it even less inviting, for the old witch had surrounded her dwelling with a fence of spikes, on every one of which a man's skull was stuck.
I stepped back as he raised himself, and saw a little pyramid of slates snip the sky above the gate; as he squirmed over I ran forward, and had my own weight on the spikes and corks and covert-coat when he gave the latter a tug.
The gate opened from within; we closed it carefully behind us; and so left the starlight shining on broken glass and polished spikes, one and all as we had found them.
Path coefficient analysis revealed that plant height, peduncle length, tillers per meter, spikelets per spike, spike weight, number of grains per spike, harvest index and biological yield had positive direct effect on grain yield.
SSM is a normalized measure of spike synchrony that is parameter-free, time-scale adaptive and sensitive to both spike rate and the number of coincident spikes [5].
Evaluated characteristics in this plan are: grain number per spike, spikelet number per spike, grain number per spikelet, spike length, thousand grain weight, spike weight and grain yield.
The results of path analysis also indicated that spike lenght, spikelet number/ spike and grain number per spike had the maximum direct effects on grain yield per spike.
When a neuron [sigma]i fires a spike is sent to each neuron [sigma]i for every synapse (i, j) in [PI].
A fixed set of postsynaptic potentials is generated at the every moment of spike arriving at the specific input channel of the neuron.