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If you buy him, you'll be ringmaster, and you must never, never spike him.
If you lay off any time for a few days, rehearse him with the spike a couple of times just before you begin again, or else he might forget it and queer the turn by ambling around with the first outside rube that mounts him.
Just have Sam here, or any of your three, slide in and spike him from the palm.
And Barney was sold, and passed out of the Cedarwild Animal School to the slavery of the spike and to be provocative of much joy and laughter in the pleasure-theatre of the world.
They were the spike and ornaments of an ancient German helmet.
Miserrimus Dexter lifted one of the truffles tenderly on his spike, and held it up to me in a favorable light.
The spikelets were counted from randomly selected mother shoot spikes manually.
SINGAPORE, Sept 24, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - The final day of Spikes Asia culminated in a ceremony to celebrate the winners of the annual Spikes Asia Awards.
NOTI - In the heated logging debates of the 1990s, some environmentalists turned to spikes to try to make their point.
Epileptic spikes are high amplitude (>50 V) fast electrographic activity, sometimes followed by a slow wave, and last for only a couple of hundreds of milliseconds when recorded at the brain surface (e.
Because, drought stress in flowering stage reducesgrains number inspikeletsand spikes.
Over 90% of undetected malware comes through the browser and enterprises employing the best cyber security practices to- date are still being hacked daily, often with catastrophic results," states Branden Spikes, CEO of Spikes and former CIO of PayPal and SpaceX.