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De Niro's warmth and charm are in stark contrast to the spikiness of Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell as advertising agency executive Amy and classical musician Robert.
His warmth and quiet charm are in stark contrast to the spikiness of Beckinsale and Rockwell, while Barrymore smiles her way through a similarly undernourished supporting role.
The overall effect is extraordinarily life-like and recreates the plant's vigour, spikiness, and strength with astonishing confidence.
However, a major problem with present water pollution warning systems in shellfish programs is that bacterial indicator concentrations are spatio-temporally variable and most sampling is too infrequent to transcend any spikiness.
He added, "The process can be slow and uncomfortable; spikiness hurts.
Like the music of Jimi Hendrix, whom she admires, Korakas' creations often convey a discordant spikiness that can contrast and clash creating a visual disharmony that is not always pretty or comfortable.
But the spikiness of Divergence, with its flat lines, works for the tutus.
Amery's legendary spikiness, his 'ressentiments' in the face of well-intentioned attempts at reconciliation, come across vividly in this thoroughly researched, elegantly produced biography.
What I missed rather was something that only Bicks can offer, the results of her own wrestling with such concepts and the writings that gave rise to them; something with a little more presence, attitude, spikiness, voice; some sense of what, say, "discourses" or "rhetoric" means for the argument of this book or how the author came to her sense of the ways that discourses move, trouble, displace, dovetail, develop.
For instance, James Bowman asserts that "Kat's feminist spikiness is simply forgotten when she starts to fall for the charming Patrick [.
Bell defended the complicated CSF formula, saying: "All factors have to be built in because of the spikiness of the bet, which can produce freak dividends, and we're not protected by the mechanisms of a pool bet.