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Within a multicultural metroplis where the dominant sounds are swing-beat, ragga, or jungle, Britpop is a synthesis of white style, with any black influence bled out: the guitar-centricity of late-`80 indie rock, the social commentary of the Kinks, the laddish dandyism of the Small Faces, the smart-dumb spikiness of Wire, whose presence looms large over Elastica and the latest music-press sensations, Menswear.
The architects describe the difference between the hard spikiness of the foyers and the soft, rounded smoothness of the auditorium as a tension between 'the universal poles of male and female'.
You want to see a bit of spikiness as a nicey-nicey attitude gets you nowhere in professional sport.
Just as wondrous as Giggs' continued enthusiasm is Sir Alex Ferguson's undiluted spikiness.
When Wiggins was confronted with sadly inevitable whisperings about drugtaking, flowing through the cyber sewage pipes we call Twitter, the Brit responded with spikiness befitting a man who has been a leading critic of doping for years.
But more than that he gave Everton a spikiness, an edge that had been missing.
De Niro slouches into his role, and his warmth and quiet charm are in stark contrast to the spikiness of Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell, while Drew Barrymore smiles her way through a similarly undernourished supporting role.
Blunt is similarly impressive, gradually revealing the grief behind Norah's spikiness, and the rapport between the female leads drives the film to its life-affirming resolution.
The spikiness he possesses is part of what made him the star he has become and there will be times in the next two weeks when Murray might have to get nasty.
Designed as three interlocking sections of openwork craftsmanship, the plaque is woven with four thistle flowers subtly shaded in iridescent blue enamels set on undulating green enamel stems, the spikiness of their leaves and thorns beautifully emphasised by the pave-set diamonds.