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Christine Massa, "Spiky," CEO of Spiky Music Group: Spiky made her mark in the music industry with the Platinum single "I Luv This Shit" produced by Knucklehead.
It's, like, the fucking greatest day of his life," said Spiky Hair.
Fat tube, fat spiky brush, resulting in fat lashes.
Grooming experts attributed the dramatic sales uplifts to a change in hairstyle fashions away from gelled, spiky styles to the looser, more voluptuous looks sported by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Pixie Lott.
The professional foot care and orthopaedic supplies company says the Spiky could be used by people working outdoors, such as postal staff and construction workers.
The Welsh hero has shocked fans by getting his famous spiky locks shaved for this bizarre mohican style.
both examples drawn from the show's centerpiece sculpture, Big Nest (all works 2005), a cacophonous donnybrook of "phrases collected during the recent bombings in London" shouting from myriad lengths of discarded baseboard arranged into the shape of a spiky hexagonal corral.
The design brief, developed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects and the Batemans Trust, which runs the institution, required sustainable construction methods, resulting in use of a generally available local material, in this case the Bambusa variety of bamboo, colloquially known as spiky bamboo.
There are lots of spiky formations sticking up from the cave floor called --.
Haircare giants Wella have paid a million to keep that spiky hair spiky with their products, Pepsi have paid him pounds 750,000 to promote the fizzy soft drink, and his record deal is worth a massive pounds 2.
Marc Hall, a 17-year-old with spiky bright blue hair, "took his school board to court after officials said he could not bring his 21-year-old boyfriend to the dance.
According to a recent study, wide-heeled shoes may be worse knees than- the spiky kind.