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Telitsin, The Parity Violating Rotation of the Neutron Spin in Helium, Phys.
PNC] is the parity non-conserving neutron spin rotation, [rho] and l are the density and length of the target material, respectively [2].
To detect the spin of a single electron, Rugar and several colleagues prepared a piece of quartz with a smattering of so-called dangling bonds.
The ends of the inner cylinder, or raze, make snug contact with the halves of the yo-yo, causing that race to spin with them.
For enhancing wave effects in the transmissions phenomena in the spin echo interferometry, two exactly equivalent high-layer number Fabry-Perot magnetic resonators were specially prepared [4] with alternative evaporation of magnetic (15 nm thick Parmalloy) tunnelling layers and non-magnetic (40 nm thick germanium) gap layers, totaling 21 layers on a silicon substrate.
Between the perfectly spinning toss and the flat toss lies a continuum of other possibilities, in which the coin spins around a tilted axis, precessing like an old-fashioned children's top.
3]He operate by selectively removing one of the neutron spin states of an incident beam and allowing the other spin state to be transmitted with only moderate attenuation and are thus a promising polarizing/analyzing tool for neutrons over the full spectrum of cold, thermal and hot neutrons.
Calculations based on the prevailing theory of quark behavior predict that any quark holding more than about half the energy of a nucleon should spin in the same direction as the nucleon.
We have studied neutron spin depolarization in inhomogeneous magnetic fields.
To achieve pure spin flow, van Driel and his colleagues simultaneously trained pulses from two lasers--one at twice the frequency of the other--onto a semiconductor.
Knowing that electrons' spins are pushed and pulled by magnetic fields as if the electrons were tiny bar magnets, spintronics investigators have struggled for years to incorporate compact magnetic fields onto semiconductor chips to control spin orientation.