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HORROR Pits at the farm in Zimbabwe are filled with crocodiles that are tortured and killed in a variety of cruel ways, including metal rods being shoved into their spinal columns, before being thrown into ice water
The equipment InSpeck is an all-purpose imaging system, so that a special software, specific for the spinal column, was required in order to acquire data.
They used a nerve bridge constructed between the two stumps of the damage spinal column, they said in the study.
joimax focuses on development, manufacturing and marketing of the technology and methods for integrated endoscopic surgical access to the spinal column, with optimized visualization.
While riding bikes she has broken an ankle and shoulder blade, and she is now awaiting an MRI scan to investigate a severe narrowing of the spinal column.
After a wild ride in an ambulance, multiple X-rays, and some MRIs, I learned that I had broken and dislocated two vertebrae (C4 and C5) in my neck, and they were pushing into my spinal column.
When you're asleep, the discs that separate the vertebrae in your spinal column expand a little bit.
As if that wasn't bad enough, when she was checked again it was discovered the painful neck was no muscle injury - it was caused by three broken bones, one very near her spinal column.
About MBP8298 - Novel Mechanism of Action In MS patients, the body's immune system inappropriately attacks the myelin coating around the nerves in the brain and spinal column, whereas healthy people are otherwise "tolerant" of such common body components.
Marjorie Emmerson, 84, of Hudswell Grove, Hartburn, fell in her kitchen and fractured her spinal column and canal on March 4.
The lack of that bony structure freed the animal's skull from its shoulder girdle, giving the creature's spinal column extra flexibility and, in essence, a neck.
This means that he broke the fourth vertebra in his spinal column and has disability in all of his limbs, with partial or incomplete paralysis and constant excruciating pain.