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HORROR Pits at the farm in Zimbabwe are filled with crocodiles that are tortured and killed in a variety of cruel ways, including metal rods being shoved into their spinal columns, before being thrown into ice water
In order to model the spinal column and simulate its behavior, considering a long-term monitoring of an extended sample of population, the following workflow was conceived (Fig.
Continuous supply of distraction cages for the anterior spinal column thoracolumbar spine for the needs of the Department spondylosurgery Motol Hospital.
They used a nerve bridge constructed between the two stumps of the damage spinal column, they said in the study.
About 30% of the adolescents suffer, during their growth stage, from imbalances at the spinal column level, which may turn into malformations that are susceptible to last throughout their lifespan (Masalo, 2001, quoted by Ramos, Gonzales, Mora, Mora, 2005).
The length of the spinal column was measured by a single operator before spinal anesthesia was given.
KARACHI -- Department of Neurosurgery at Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College in collaboration with World Spinal Column Society and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons organized a 3-day comprehensive 'hands on' spine workshop from 3rd to 5th Feb 2011 at the Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi.
assemble 28 chapters by neuroradiologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, and neuropathologists from North America and Europe that detail imaging techniques for the spine that also address the paraspinal soft tissues, the normal anatomy of the spinal column and cord, age-related changes, degenerative disorders, normal vascularization, spinal ischemia and vascular malformations, trauma, tumors and cysts, metabolic disorders, inflammation and infection, preoperative mapping of pathology, intraoperative monitoring of physiology, vertebroplasty-kyphoplasty, and complications of surgery for decompressing spinal stenosis and disc disease.
Moeller and Reif (radiology, Caritas Hospital, Germany) present whole-body imaging and the temporomandibular joint first, followed by the spinal column and the upper and lower extremities.
A GOLD medallist who has battled through a string of medical nightmares is facing an agonising wait to discover if a narrowing spinal column will shatter her running dreams.
Juan Enemeterio, chief doctor of the Hospital Modelo of Santa Rosa's intensive care unit, said: "Green took a heavy blow to the thorax and the spinal column.
1 : the column of bones in the back enclosing and protecting the spinal cord : spinal column