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CONCUSSION, civ. law. The unlawful forcing of another by threats of violence to give something of value. It differs from robbery in this, that in robbery the thing is taken by force, while in concussion it is obtained by threatened violence. Hein. Lec. El, Sec. 1071

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The jockey suffered three fractured vertebrae in the fall and initially feared he may never ride again after suffering a rare condition called spinal concussion, which briefly left him unable to move from the neck down.
The Twickenham clash between Scarlets and Wasps has also accounted for Johnny O'Connor, who will not return to action until pre-season after sustaining spinal concussion in the final.
Condon will be assessed at the Hermitage Clinic in Dublin by Dr Brian Murray, the specialist who treated the rider last year when first experienced spinal concussion after he broke a number of vertebrae in a fall at Cork.