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Diagnostic imaging results, including radiographs, a CT scan, and myelography, were suspicious for neoplasia, involving a spinal nerve root.
The distances measured between the spinal nerve roots show a tendency to decrease in the craniocaudal direction, except for the portions comprised between the cervical and lumbar intumescences.
Rarely, the demyelinating process extends into spinal nerve roots and peripheral nerves.
The easy definition of a subluxation is a minor misalignment or misplacement of the spinal bones (called vertebrae), putting endangering stress on the spinal nerves and spinal cord, which is your lifeline and goes to every part of your body.
The C4 spinal nerve is blocked similarly over the C4 transverse process.
As a result of spinal kinesiopathology, the spinal cord nerve roots, spinal nerves, ganglia, other nerve fibers, and related structures (meninges) are impinged, compressed, or otherwise irritated leading to dis-ease--disharmony in the body as a whole.
11] Thus, the phrenic nerve, being derived from spinal nerves of mixed motor and sensory function, could be the innovator (motor) of the cramp at a local or central level and the bearer (sensory) of the pain.
Connecting tissue by David Roberts and (notably) William Howell of HKPA joins the old buildings along a spinal nerve of internal circulation to form a rambling collection of cells which culminate in a hall that acts as a sort of head for the organism and overlooks the main college garden.
The autopsy also revealed hemorrhaging of the soft tissue of the scalp on both sides and the back of her head, as well as of her neck, her spinal nerve roots and her optic nerve, Dr.
Typically, in motor vehicle accidents for example, vertebra shift and pinch the spinal cord, severing the long spinal nerve axons like you would if you pinched a piece of wet spaghetti," says Schnaar.
Instead, researchers found, the spinal nerve cells and surrounding tissue contain proteins which, for unknown reasons, inhibit any regrowth of damaged nerves.

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