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When this latest little military adventure burst onto our screens, it seemed well timed, yet again, to make another spineless American President look tough.
Because we need more backbone in No 10 instead of the spineless folk who pussy foot about with our police force and planning departments.
In the same vein, I'd like to distance myself from that ignorant racist bully Jade Goody and her spineless acolytes in the Big Brother house.
The only thing that has made the normally supine and spineless Labour MPs turn on Tony Blair is the threat to their own survival.
You get the picture: a spineless puddle of gelatinous goo.
DASHING Darren Huckerby gave Norwich the runaround and sent Canaries' boss Nigel Worthington into a rage, branding his team spineless and unprofessional.
If these spineless Welsh activists, who can think of nothing better to help their cause than to paint vile slogans on people's houses under the cover of darkness, are so keen to see Wales become an independent country, then I say "give it to them"
The words 'devious, spineless, gutless' spring to mind with the timing of this, with these closures taking effect directly after the holidays.
The other guilty people in this terrible affair are the spineless, blinkered MPs from all sides who consistently choose to ignore the demands of their voters for a judicial system that actually punishes criminals in a way which is commensurate with their offence.
But it would get right up my nose if people called me gutless or spineless.
The other 12 are clearly spineless weasels - and these are the ``leaders'' of this city?
CAROLE Malone thinks the postman who complained about a chihuahua chewing his trousers is spineless and silly.