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The next two years will likely feature a great deal more shameless Republican obstruction, worrisome Democratic spinelessness, and wan bipartisanship.
By refusing to eat his words criticising the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League matches, Shah Rukh may have made up for the moral spinelessness of the world's biggest film industry all these years.
SUE SHAW (Your Say, Saturday, January 10) wonders whether it is lack of belief or just spinelessness that leads airport protestors to seek anonymity.
In his novel, narrated from the perspective of fifteen-year-old Daniel Truitt, both hubris and malaise figure prominently, most clearly concentrated in the person of Pete Truitt, Daniel's father, a Wisconsin progressive whose hazy Whitmanic visions of American promise are matched in size and force by his capacity for self-deception and self-frustration and his final spinelessness.
One of the more worrying results, to me, in the living rooms and lounge bars of 2008, is how loud opinions are prized, and open-mindedness is looked at as spinelessness.
org, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as examples of what can be gained by a politics of courage and President Bill Clinton and former Senator Tom Daschle as exemplars of spinelessness and political defeat.
In The Theater and Its Doable, Artaud compares his theater to the plague, claiming that each forces the human individual to "see himself as he is; it unmasks the world and reveals the lies, the spinelessness, the baseness, the hypocrisy .
The woeful failure of the anti-monopoly legislation and the spinelessness of the planning authorities in the face of the sweeping Tesco-ization of the UK have forced many small businesses out of the marketplace.
defends Western civilization with the spinelessness of"old" Europe (see Kagan, 2003).
The spinelessness of DirecTV caused me to snap awake at night and utter foul curses into the dark, jolting my wife awake, and plunging her into an ugly mood.
And I'll never forget the spinelessness of the other socalled men in the bar who looked away instead of taking the husband outside and giving him a good hiding.
The idiocy of the person making the demands was only equalled by the utter spinelessness of those who agreed to meet them.