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In other words, rather than being part of a different circle with other elements, mission is a spinning top surrounded with the many other aspects of mission; worship is the axis of that spinning top.
The Spinning Top is a musical story of a man's journey from birth to death, although Graham does not want to emphasise the concept angle.
It was nice to meet others who were passionate about Nick Drake's music and it was nice to again see Danny Thompson who played on my Spinning Top album.
com, makers of Quagnet, an amazingly powerful magnetic toy, and Quark, the highest performance spinning top.
Another innovation presented at ITMA is the BERKOL(R) supergrinder with integrated Berkolizing unit (UV-treatment) for automatic grinding of ring, roving and air spinning top rollers.
Teetotum was originally a gambling game involving a spinning top that was played in Victorian pubs, but soldiers began to fashion the spinners out of their bullets and play the game during the long stretches of time between fighting.
Volunteers helped out as children made puppets, a spinning top and yo-yo at the War Memorial Park.
I dream, I feel dizzy, I'm flying, The tyre goes higher and higher, In a spin, like a spinning top, I don't want it to stop, I move so fast, up, down and around.
stuffed tiger, a spinning top and a jumping jack by the bed, and outside
Once more you think back to the start of this series when Lady Rebecca was barren and whizzing around her box like a spinning top.
The older you get the less you do of the spinning top football.
BLUR guitarist Graham Coxon is promising a quieter, but more intense, experience when he brings his new solo LP The Spinning Top to Wolverhampton Civic Hall Bar tonight.