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There is an appearance tomorrow at Birmingham Town Hall for Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake, a tribute to the late folk music great whose influence can be heard throughout The Spinning Top.
The origins of spinning tops are a mystery, but the game is thought to have been set in motion by a child spinning an acorn or nut.
His new album, The Spinning Top, out next week, continues his fine tradition.
where Dolph Linsley bought the spinning top for his young son.
Parents have been charging in to toy stores across Wales in the hope of buying Bey Blades, which resemble an old-fashioned spinning top, for their child's stocking.
Jewish children around the world play a Hanukkah game with a spinning top called a dreidel.
Hence the humble spinning top was reinvented - or, more precisely, repackaged - as Battling Tops, and literally unleashed on the public in 1968.
A popular toy known as a Levitron keeps a spinning top afloat above a special base.
Blur guitarist and folk connoisseur Graham Coxon takes the stage at the Midlands venue tomorrow with folk-guitar legend Martin Carthy among others for a reprisal of The Spinning Top, a blend of skiffle, rootsy melancholy blues, world music and even the odd experimentation with distortion and fuzz boxes.
GRAHAM COXON THE SPINNING TOP Recently returned Blur guitarist Coxon continues to be prolific while maintaining a high standard of guitar orientated angst on his latest solo album.
Hot on the heels of the Beyblade phenomenon that reinvented the spinning top four years ago, B-Daman is set to revolutionise another old favourite - marbles.
The toy also comes with a song book so people can sing along with lyrics, and a dreidle to play with -- the classic holiday game played with a spinning top.