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SPINSTER. An addition given, in legal writings, to a woman who never was married. Lovel. on Wills, 269.

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Social experts said the issue and causes of spinsterhood differed from one country to the other.
Her situation thus echoing that of the speaker in "To One of Many," Mary does not spend her energy on recriminations or passionate defenses; instead, since that experience of finding herself the unsuccessful subject of an erotic triangle, Mary has followed the path of spinsterhood chosen by the speaker of "Too Faithful.
There are political, social and economic reasons for the high incidence of spinsterhood in Egypt; all the state's institutions should work together to solve this problem," Dr Sawsan stresses.
9) Avoiding spinsterhood by turning to the occupation of sewing is of course ironic in that the term was coined due to unmarried women's employment with spinning or sewing.
The standard Judeo-Christian rebuttal is that as terrible as the law seems to modern Westerners, the law was progressive for its time: it was the best remedy that could be managed in a culture where a rape victim would face a life of spinsterhood, ostracism, and destitution.
Downton Abbey (ITV1 9pm) Lady Edith settles into her mantle of spinsterhood like the martyr she is, but decides to protest at the limits of women's suffrage by penning a letter to The Times.
He has an uncanny intuition in choosing the right actor for the right role, although it takes a stretch of the imagination to think that Earls' glowing Lenny should be worried about a life of eternal spinsterhood.
The high cost of marriage made many young men stop thinking of getting married and increased spinsterhood rates among Yemeni women," Nasser said.
5 partners in their lifetime and single women are doomed to spinsterhood if they reach 20 sexual partners without hearing wedding bells.
The portrait contains a cat, an animal known to signify spinsterhood.
Spinsterhood is sometimes depicted as a state more desirable than marriage, and women survive, even prosper, after unhappy love affairs and out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
Other social problems identified as only prevalent in the study included polygamy, work stress, arranged marriages, housemaid abuse, spinsterhood and unemployment, and were ranked in order as perceived by the UAE youth.