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SPINSTER. An addition given, in legal writings, to a woman who never was married. Lovel. on Wills, 269.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I propose that the Saudi government conduct a study on whether the effects of regulating such marriages are actually decreasing spinsterhood and not contributing to higher divorce rates," wrote Gregory.
There are even reports and studies which indicate that AI can increase the rate of "spinsterhood" in some societies because of the significant development in the field of "sex robots" that would soon be programmed to express emotions.
The marriage does not sit well with Farhana who blames Meeru for her spinsterhood.
A less-interesting and under-developed thread suggests that teenage- and young adult-focus on education and career-building leaves thirty-somethings vulnerable to singleness (equaling loneliness now and dreaded spinsterhood soon--"I don't want to be the cat lady!!!!!!").
Kalki is effective in portraying the scourge of suburban spinsterhood. The Job is also a statement on the migrant's plight in a strange land riven with crimes and discrimination.
"The ministry should simplify the procedure for a man to marry a second woman, by providing him with housing opportunities, which will also solve the problem with spinsterhood," said FNC member, Hamad Al Rahoomi.
Heartbroken at being rejected by Qambar, she moves towards spinsterhood in a manner that, while ostensibly conventional, reflects a deep and frightening inner neurosis.
When Mona Lisa Cicciarelli is left at the altar by Joey and his overbearing mother Alice, Mona Lisa wonders what will be worse--the pitying stares from her friends and family or her parent's renewed obsession with the age of her ovaries and impending spinsterhood. Her father, Chick, tries to fix her up the day after she is jilted with the handsome, Italian-Catholic Dante Coletti, and it is then that Mona Lisa realizes her sanity is at risk.
'Old maid' emphasizes spinsterhood rather than the age.
A hashtag earlier this month claimed that "polygamy is the solution to spinsterhood." This was an attitude mirrored in a 2012 article, again in Al-Arabiya, which stated:
It was a crusade against every enemy she had ever imagined lurking in her future, from poverty to spinsterhood to a pitiable old age." When Gloria Steinern asked Brown to say "something strong and positive about herself--not coy, not flirtatious, but something that reflected the serious, complicated person who was in there," as Shapiro recounts, Brown came up with: "I'm skinny!