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SPINSTER. An addition given, in legal writings, to a woman who never was married. Lovel. on Wills, 269.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Despite her many failings, it is hard not to feel a certain affection for the spinsterish moll.
Barbara Covett, on the other hand, is a spinsterish history professor with unspoken hungers for a special friendship with Hart.
The famous war hero and eligible bachelor meets the spinsterish Mirabel Oldridge, fiercely opposed to the canal plans, and the two gamely try not to fall in love.
Adding insult to injury, Butley discovers that Joey's new boyfriend, Reg, has agreed to publish a novel by Anne's despised husband-to-be, and that Butley's equally despised colleague, the spinsterish Edna Shaft (Dana Ivey), has finally finished the book on Byron she has been dallying over for twenty years.
In German I could be only Anna, which in English sounded spinsterish. I could reclaim Anne in English, and locate myself outside of continental Europe.
Suffused with yearning, heated by curiosity, under orders from their frightened delight in patterns that almost speak out, Bogan's stories of spinsterish Emily Hough and the aging Viennese collector who cannot stay warm and the ruthless and romantic young girl whose drawing teacher disappoints her give heightened form to the charged fixations of Bogan's own thought.
(33) As we follow Stedman's commentary, it becomes plain that he felt that the miracle wrought by her marriage, after years of barren, spinsterish isolation, transfigured the poet into a "spirit ...
Ryan,41,plays a spinsterish teacher who is attracted to a kinky detective hunting a serial killer in Manhattan.
Ryan, 41, plays a spinsterish teacher who is attracted to a kinky detective hunting a serial killer in Manhattan.
No doubt the argument against keeping the spinsterish 1930s flavour of Miss Marple will be that it needs to be 'brought into the 21st Century'.
He makes a Money-penny out of me, as I nurse my spinsterish dream that he will stride in one day and fulfill his brooding promise.
As a boy, the great musician of Greek myth was tormented by spinsterish schoolteachers who reprimanded him for sleeping in class.