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Mineral processing equipment supplier Multotec reported that one of its gravity-separation customers, Northam Chrome Producers, is realizing improved recoveries, better grades and higher yields following the installation of Multotec spirals at its recovery plant.
Eastern Sheet Metal is one of a select few spiral manufacturers that offer AMCA certified spiral duct," says Patrick Brooks, Eastern Sheet Metal General Manager.
If you make a mistake in a spiral design, chances are you can travel stitch or wiggle your way back out of the area without needing to rip out your mistake.
The Oak Infusion Spiral is a patented oak-aging alternative originally developed for fine wine, but has been used for whiskey, rum, tequila and beer to mimic the effects of aging in an oak barrel.
As an alternative to the lackluster wheel, the quirky spiral may be the key to forward motion for people who have trouble walking on their own.
With vertical dedusting, tablets would now be vibrated up a stainless steel spiral by a combination of electromagnets and spring blades positioned at the spiral's base.
Starfrost's engineering team custom designed a Double Drum Helix Spiral Chiller with a processing capacity of 2,700kg/hr.
However, new evidence in a mouse model shows that spiral ganglion stem cells present in the inner ear are capable of self-renewal and can be grown and induced to differentiate into mature spiral ganglion cells as well as neurons and glial cells.
It is also highly immune to noise if LHCP or RHCP spiral antenna sealed by aluminum cavity.
However, it has not been possible to control the direction of winding of the spiral structure, resulting in mixtures of clockwise-wound and anticlockwise-wound spiral structures, resulting in non-uniform reactions and packing.
The Spiral Curriculum is predicated on cognitive theory advanced by Jerome Bruner (1960), who wrote, "We begin with the hypothesis that any subject can be taught in some intellectually honest form to any child at any stage of development.
To find the corresponding day of the week for any date, locate the month, trace through the spiral until you find the number date, and then move your finger straight out to the edge of the circle to find the day of the week.