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He said: "They switch their engines off and spiral down.
And just as a title card needlessly announces that it's ``heaven'' time, you can be sure that Candy and Dan will eventually spiral down into hell, just like the addicts in ``Trainspotting,'' ``Requiem for a Dream,'' ``Rush,'' ``Drugstore Cowboy'' .
Its distinctiveness, however, has little to do with the fractal composition that creates three rooms on three levels that spiral down from the high-level entrance that is accessed via a concrete stair.
Once we scrub nature from our vocabulary, we spiral down to survival in its rawest sense.
Henman's back problems have been the root of his spiral down to 70th in the world rankings.
Unemployment will rise, and you--lacking, of course, the healthcare and other benefits provided by the French welfare state--will quickly spiral down into starvation.