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Either disruption of the disk's orbit would cause some matter to spiral downward.
While he takes part in harrowing battles, her life spiral downward into poverty until help comes in the form of Ruby (Renee Zellwegger).
Rather, from the time of the accident, her condition began to spiral downward.
If we ignore it, it could spiral downward and next, it's any physics students working with lasers--I mean, this could go anywhere.
As the stock market continues to spiral downward and investor losses mount, mutual fund fees have found a way to continue to rise.
In this way, the system continues to spiral downward toward the ultimate collapse I've predicted for a decade, and which is in its latter stages today.
When the tech bubble burst in Spring 2000 and the NASDAQ and NYSE began to spiral downward, millions of investors -- large and small -- were left holding the bag.
Critical Thinking: You might engage students in a discussion of why a country could spiral downward from a society of laws to a society of lawlessness.
While prices and demand have dried up, mills continue to search for a bottom, with operating rates continuing to spiral downward.