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But Klein said it's likely to be a slippery slope, with ADHD-linked impulsiveness making youngsters more likely to use drugs and spiral downward into crime and other antisocial behaviours.
What's worse, the executives added, severely excessive supply of steel, which has caused international prices to spiral downward since the second quarter of this year to heavily dampen the global steelmaking industry, still needs time to ease, because most global steelmakers, in order to turn profitable amid price competition and a sagging market, have yet to cut their capacity utilization for the time being.
Much has been done to try to save the world's largest cat - threatened by over-hunting, habitat loss and the wildlife trade - but their numbers have continued to spiral downward for nearly two decades.
First, the studies suggested that the efforts taken by financial institutions to deleverage by selling financial assets could cause prices to spiral downward during times of market stress and exacerbate a financial crisis.
The economy continues to spiral downward in many areas of our country.
Just over this past year, construction projects have dropped over 50 percent, a trend that unfortunately continues to spiral downward with no relief in sight.
The job cuts, amounting to 11% of the staff, is the second round of layoffs in the last four months as the paper's revenue continues to spiral downward from California's collapsed housing market.
Therefore, standards will continue to spiral downward, all the way to kinder-garten, unless we wish to settle for a situation in which there will be no marked differences between high school and college courses.
After that, the market started its spiral downward, and the collapse of major global financial institutions in September accelerated the downward spiral movement.
Amid the financial turmoil, markets in the Middle East continued to spiral downward on Sunday, the first day of the business week for most countries in the region.