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And inside, wrapped in oiled silk, yellowed with age and worn and thumbed, was the original scrap of newspaper containing the quotation from Thoreau.
But there are times--and in her eyes smoldered up that hungry yearning I've mentioned--'there are times when I wish most awful bad for that Thoreau man to happen along.
His life spiraled downward due to alcoholism, according to a clemency request to Alabama's governor, cited by the Journal.
The New York City opera scene has spiraled downward in recent years.
hit an all-time low in 2013, having spiraled downward during the recession around 2008 in which .
Warren Levy, the firm's operations director for Latin America, described the South American country as a "target market" that had stayed strong even after international oil prices spiraled downward.
Robinson, 64, who lives north of Duluth, Minnesota, watched as the plane he'd been in spiraled downward and broke into pieces.