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Raised in rural Texas, the boy was diagnosed at age two and a half after living a "normal" life at first and then spiraling downward into severe symptoms of autism.
Dubai home prices have been spiraling downward since last November.
After the accidental and tragic death of his mother, 15-year old Garrett begins spiraling downward fast.
With the economy spiraling downward and Wall Street teetering on the edge, more Hamptons homeowners are looking to supplement their finances by renting out their houses during the winter months.
Hillary Clinton said: "Our economy is spiraling downward.
The conditions of incarceration illustrate that our military health-care system has not taken all possible measures to prevent detainees from spiraling downward into a hopeless and helpless state, one in which self-starvation seems the only alternative.
The move paid off, as GM turned a spiraling downward sales trend into a 200 percent overall sales boost for the Hummer brand.
This should keep prices for some commodities, and local currencies, from spiraling downward.
There's a good reason why they're afraid, but then they become less active and don't go out as much and they get less fit, so they start spiraling downward.
When her parents discover that she has stopped eating and is also "cutting" herself, 15-year-old Callie is admitted to a residential treatment facility, where she tries to discover why her life is spiraling downward.
Later in the Renaissance the cycle was more like the modern pattern, with plagues spiraling downward in their frequency and mortality.