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Ohio saw its highest percent increase in March: The month's claims were double those of the previous March because steel companies such as LTV laid off workers to contain costs in an industry that continued spiraling downward.
A byproduct of the slowdown in the US and global economies is a decline in demand for oil in industrialized nations, which has sent prices spiraling downward.
But on October 20, 2000, after spiraling downward for six months, Covad shares plunged from $10 a share to $5 a share.
On the current economic state, he said, ''It remains very severe, although it is not spiraling downward.
Migration and economic decline further contribute to the spiraling downward of the environmental disaster as the population is no longer able to adapt and cope (22).
As smog, haze, and acid rain grow steadily worse each year, air quality and visibility at one of the nation's most visited national parks is spiraling downward.
And Americans have taught other nations how to grow more, he says, an and now South America soybeans and Chinese cotton and others are flooding the market, further sending prices spiraling downward.
With satisfaction spiraling downward and costs on the rise, employers are finding themselves in a pickle with their managed health care plans.
The news sent the company's stock spiraling downward, dropping 54 percent the day of the disclosure to close at 7.
To his surprise, the world has gone on whether he perceived it or not; the Monkey (the pet store's arch-materialist, who knows things simply because he can grasp them with his hands) gains supremacy, shoots Berkeley with Tilford's pistol, and the story ends with the world spiraling downward into chaos and destruction.