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The first double page spread has an illustrated, spirally set contents list, which reveals the enormity of the breadth and range of the book.
Tampon Having Spirally Shaped Grooves: Hans Werner Schoelling, Ennepetal, Germany.
The many notable features differentiating Hi-DRI compressed air membrane dryers from competitor units are said to include a patented arrangement of structurally packed, permeable hollow fibres that are spirally wound on a support core.
The cylindrical cell configurations offer the high-capacity bobbin construction and high-power spirally wound product.
"It was bringing in amazing choreographers from all over the world, and Olivier's sock-clad, spirally, goofy aesthetic attracted me like Mondrian to primary colors."
Cynthia Broughton, a teacher at Colonial Village, said "Smilinich without an assistant principal to help him, change a disillusioned, spirally downward elementary school to a school of hope and vision.
Per-vaginal examination reveal twisting of vaginal fold spirally downward and forward to right side (clock-wise).
A deep examination of old survey images suggests a spirally distorted radio jet originates from the binary black holes.
Take sections of hair, spray with Get Gorgeous Work It Girl Shine Protect and Control Take sections of hair, spray with Get Gorgeous Work It Girl Shine Protect and Control Spray and wrap spirally around the barrel of a Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver.
Such increases in sales tax will cause the masses to face spirally price increases in necessities; something which the common man finds hard to afford at present as well.
Thin conical shell, number of whorls 4, umbilicus imperforate, shell brown in colour, dextral, thin, ovately oblong and smooth, umbilicus closed, body whorl enlarged, angular above and inflated below, sutures obliquely depressed, aperture large mango shaped pointed above and inflated below, columella twisted and oblique, shell sculpture spirally striated, apex very short, thin and pointed.
His topics are workers becoming professionals and professionals becoming workers, from cooperation to collaboration, knowledge work, the integrated digital environment, communities of practice, whether there can be joy in work, thinking spirally, the practice of transformation, and one society at a time.