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Transition of 'smooth' to spirally sculptured portion of protoconch abrupt, transition from protoconch to teleoconch more gradual, first 5 axial ribs of the teleoconch being crossed by spiral cords.
Down all those spirally stairs, I got down to the rocks .
Which marine mammal has a long spirally Roddick in 1976?
7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CD-adapco announces the release of a computer-aided engineering tool, called STAR-CCM + Battery Simulation Module, designed to simulate spirally wound lithium-ion battery cells.
The basic installation process is to position a winding machine at the base of an acess point of the host pipe and spirally wind monolithic panels of PVC into the host pipe to form a continuous, low-weight, watertight liner with high stiffness.
Correct alignment of the pipes is very crucial especially in the spirally welded pipes.
Kuwait Pipe Industry & Oil Service Company (KPIOS) has announced it has been commissioned by contractor Combined Group to produce 91,360 m of carbon steel spirally welded pipes with a diameter of 64 inches and wall thickness of 0.
As the extract entered the snails' body, a muscular twitching happened and the snails became spirally twisted, which resulted in ataxia, convulsion, paralysis and finally death of snails.
They feature a patented arrangement of structurally packed, permeable hollow fibres spirally wound on a support core.
In a tellogen follicle the outer root sheath cells are often columnar and radially or spirally arranged in contrast to the rounded shape of this cell type and their arrangement during anagen.
5 mm, golden yellow, strongly spirally recurved at anthesis, completely exposing the stamens, becoming pendent-flaccidescent afterwards, bearing at the base 2 linear, obtuse to irregularly bidentate, 10-17 x 1.