spirit of the law

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Not an emigrant, he hoped, within the sense and spirit of the law.
I stood for the spirit of the law and not the letter; but by the letter Charley made his stand.
Here is a constant stream of men poured forth from five hundred different places; they will interpret the spirit of the law in divers manners, and there should be a unity of conception in the law.
"Particularly e-commerce companies coming to India would have to ensure that they stay within the letter and spirit of the law when it comes to multi-brand retail and our policies around that," he said.
'If they say it would be a peaceful street protest, then that is what it should be in the spirit of the law.
The newly elected agent plays a key role in meeting the spirit of the law in the food chain.
President Erdogan is well known for his diligence and adhering strictly to the letter and the spirit of the law when interpreting the Turkish's undertakings under the London-Zurich Agreements.
The resolution demanded withdrawal of the reference against Justice Isa, saying it had been initiated by bypassing procedure and by directly jumping to the conclusion in violation of the spirit of the law. The resolution vowed to launch a movement for the preservation of independence of the judiciary if the demands were not met by the government.
Towards the end, the top court judge stated that dissent may not hold legal footing but writing a dissenting note is an appeal to the brooding spirit of the law in anticipation that 'today's dissent may become a law tomorrow'.
The members of respective departments too vowed to take strict actions against addicted people and the laws would be implemented with the spirit of the law.
'Its practice is faced with endless challenges and a constant wrestling with conscience as we ought to remove our partisanship, personal feelings and biases as well as prejudices when a question of law or a case subject of litigation is thrown to our lap for the application of the letter and spirit of the law,' he said.
ANZ deputy chief executive officer, Alexis George, said, 'When we are attempting to resolve customer disputes, we want to act in the spirit of the law not just the letter of the law, which means considering community expectations.