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As many as 2 million Darfurians have fled what they say is a government-led effort to drive them from their land, a charge that the Sudanese government has spiritedly and consistently denied, saying it has had no control over the so-called Janjaweed militias that have been accused of committing some of the worst atrocities in Darfur.
You can corner spiritedly without feeling in danger and it's only when pushing really hard over undulations while cornering that it starts to feel stressed.
And while Take That and Ronan Keating didn't join her for Relight My Fire and We've Got Tonight, she carried them off spiritedly alone.
Centre Mike Tindall spiritedly took up the challenge, landing two conversions, but with Hodgson off injured and Henry Paul substituted early on, England finished with no recognised kickers and found themselves going for touch, rather than goal.
And though they have performed spiritedly in defeat against Manchester United and Leeds, it would difficult to claim that WBA are as good as an average Premiership side.
The bond investment trusts sector performed spiritedly, with the balance of net assets rising for the fourth consecutive month to a record-high 24,673.
Called Children of the Passage, their procession of cultural forces was spiritedly accompanied by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.
As Joe crams his mouth full of eggs and ham, he spiritedly recites a tall tale about swapping his near-bankrupt store for" 'a dozen hogs'" with 'a Crack--I mean a white man from back in the woods' "(248).
The year the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, a very diverse group of people in this city excitedly discussed the upcoming game with each other and then spiritedly celebrated "their" victory.
We are into the nature/nurture debate, and Stone provides a spiritedly polemic reading of the one authorial tale of the Decameron, the uncompleted novella of Filippo Balducci and the papere (goslings) in the introduction to Day 4.
23) The famous Calgary Stampede was first organized in 1912 as an elite-led celebration of a fast-receding (if not entirely mythical) frontier past, when "social equality and economic opportunity [rode] spiritedly across the prairies.
At the meeting of 27 May he defended himself spiritedly and so successfully that his critics' most extreme statements became manifestly foolish.