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Fulham responded spiritedly in the second half and Gera headed Sinon Davies' corner back across goal for Dempsey, diving in among the bodies, to head home.
Fillongley responded spiritedly with Martin Frost blasting an unbeaten 65 but they still finished 62 runs adrift.
The visitors, including representatives of Slum Dwellers International--a key player in self-enumeration efforts in Africa and Asia are greeted by a chorus of women singing spiritedly (in Zulu):
Finding plenty of grip and agility it spiritedly responds to turn into and out of corners.
Napoli fought spiritedly with 10 men and Michele Pazienza hit the post in the last minute but Di Natale broke Napoli hearts with two goals in injury time.
They work spiritedly and tirelessly, and are the back bone of our company," said Alnowakhda addressing the company's senior leadership team and management .
Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis created "Urinetown"--by far the biggest commercial success of the flippantly offbeat musical genre--and now return with a spiritedly silly new tuner called "Yeast Nation (The Triumph of Life).
The Bandits began spiritedly with Josef Franc grabbing second place in the opening heat ahead of Frankie Facher who held off the considerable might of Linus Eklof in a shared 3-3.
In one of the solos, the dancer floated on stage donning a flowing blue dress, whirling it around spiritedly as if it were her dance partner.
Judging from the spiritedly critical response of a group of high-school students in a post-performance Q&A with the artists (most of them not much older), I'd say Burry's tightly constructed oneacter succeeds very well at connecting musically and dramatically with an age group that is likely skeptical about the validity of opera in general and its relevance to their issues and concerns in particular.
Barnsley hit back spiritedly after the interval and Jon Macken lashed in a goal just a couple of minutes after stepping from the bench to put them right back in the game just after the hour.
Here, a panel of experts defines relevant key problems, points the uninaugurated to intriguing aspects of photoageing that one may not have considered before, highlights promising strategies for how best to halt and/or revert it, and spiritedly debates some controversially discussed approaches.