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Handy if the rest of us could be encouraged to show similar public spiritedness.
Specifically, he emphasizes various passions capable of reinvigorating the spiritedness needed for the well-being of the community, including a generalized compassion or the sentiment of humanite.
RABIEH'S INTERESTING DISCUSSION OF spiritedness in the Republic also is somewhat misleading.
Her topics include the benefits of spear fighting, steadfastness of soul, the role of spiritedness in the Republic, and an education for courage.
And council bosses received many letters from Acklington residents in support of Jack's nomination, describing how his community spiritedness has made a difference to their lives.
"There are many youngsters that do good things in public spiritedness but you never hear of it and you never hear anything good about them.
Harrington Pictures by Jerome Lagarrigue Farrar, Straus & Giroux, September 2004 $16.00, ISBN 0-374-32681-9, Ages 5-8 A family's move from the segregated South in the 1960s, told in; accompanied by impressionist-style illustrations capture both the lush landscape and the family's spiritedness.
Incongruous yet inventive, MVRDV's cartoon-like distillation of landscape has a spiritedness of vision and execution that cuts incisively through the Expo stodge.
Morgan, and seen as models of American success as well as leaders in taste and public spiritedness. The villains are do-gooders, especially Democrats like Franklin D.
You have more guts and public spiritedness than any managers at National Express who allowed the entire bus service to be cancelled.
"Fortunately, because of public spiritedness, you were not successful.
Detective Inspector Dave Spencer said: "The actions he took are commendable and we have thanked him for his public spiritedness. While he has received some nasty cuts to his face, thankfully he has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home."