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Mr Armstrong praised the teenager, from Leam Lane, Felling, for his public spiritedness in handing over the camera.
Cloud derives the term Guardian Class from the ancient Greek tradition of nurturing a sense of spiritedness and adventure in their youth.
Her topics include the benefits of spear fighting, steadfastness of soul, the role of spiritedness in the Republic, and an education for courage.
They force us to recognize them as bodies as well as hunks of bronze--yet what they reflect back at us is not simply spiritedness or otherness but a synthesis that defies categorization and disturbs the gut and the mind.
00, ISBN 0-374-32681-9, Ages 5-8 A family's move from the segregated South in the 1960s, told in; accompanied by impressionist-style illustrations capture both the lush landscape and the family's spiritedness.
Simon Keay, 16, of Stockton's Ian Ramsey Church of England School, was nominated by headteacher Barry Winter for his "inspirational qualities in the fields of public performance, public spiritedness and modern language learning".
Incongruous yet inventive, MVRDV's cartoon-like distillation of landscape has a spiritedness of vision and execution that cuts incisively through the Expo stodge.
Chief Superintendent Sally Bourner of Solihull Police, said: "Fiona's leadership, dedication and public spiritedness has played a huge part in helping us all continually improve.
He added: "Passers-by showed tremendous public spiritedness and initiative.
At the High Court in Glasgow, Lord Turnbull told McCue: "Mrs Duffy's bravery and public spiritedness deserves to be recognised.
However, there have been great moments of public spiritedness during the big freeze, such as the Wrexham taxi driver who let an elderly passenger stay in his home overnight after she was trapped outside her village by the snow.