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So, too, are many of the educated, white Brazilian followers of spiritism, an import from late 19th-century Europe.
Entree des mediums, Spiritism et art de Hugo Breton, exh.
Moreover, they would find it not only more difficult to accept the claims of modernized magic and spiritism, but also those of such a movement as existentialism, with its denial of a scientific basis for human choice.
In his short and direct letter to the bishop, Morales made it clear that the Hermanos had constructed the chapel at San Lorenzo Heights, Jayuya, "to combat falsehood and root out from the human heart the errors of Protestantism, spiritism, freemasonry, and whatever else is not in conformity with the Catholic Church.
The book's final chapter, which examines Calles's family relationships and turn toward spiritism during his later years, uses archived oral histories and recent interviews of family members.
The law of psychic phenomena: A working hypothesis for the systematic study of hypnotism, spiritism, mental, theraputics, etc.
But it was only in watching people flee to church to escape the suffocating spiritism of traditional African culture that I came to appreciate just how good the "Good News" is.
Among married women, those who were involved in spiritism were the most likely to obtain abortions.
Santerismo is the mixing of Santeria and Puerto Rican-based Spiritism that occurs in the United States as a result of the various Caribbean diasporas.