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The New York Times review called the movie "shrill," "overstuffed," "spiritless," - you get the point.
When eventually the choir of spiritless sisters gets its act together by 'raising their voices' and letting their 'freak fly,' the MasterCard Theatre at the Marina Bay Sands brims with the joyous energy of their singing.
In "Witching Hour," the nameless protagonist describes her "twinkling worry" as she lies awake at night listening to "the rattling breaths of our children" and imagining the horrors that could befall them in a "spiritless world." Cooper recreates the anxiety of caring for another, for having a life entrusted to you, and the brevity of the flash fiction replicates the protagonist's anxieties.
It is quite inconceivable what mankind will be bringing on itself and nature yet through such a life-disdaining and spiritless attitude of our governments and industry leaders, unless common sense finally prevails.
Forget any lively sense of entertainment around here; in the end, it appears that Ankara has turned into a Gulf Arab type place, where the only places people go out to are to those enormous spiritless shopping centers.
One would be blind not to see it, catatonic not to feel it, perverse not to acknowledge it, spiritless and obtuse not to admire it."
The job would be simple, but the Tailors find themselves facing a serious threat--the thieving Spiritless elves, already responsible for sabotaging the North Pole Home Tree, will do anything to gain control of the very thing that makes Christmas possible.
In this connection, he pointed out that " doing away with national identities, circumscribing Islam to the notions of permitted and forbidden and imposing a totalitarian theocratic ideology as a tool of a broad ranging repression result in a globalised, alienated and spiritless Islam."
I stand by my view that our council leaders are neither great nor inspirational, but mediocre, moribund and spiritless.
I have never seen a team so spiritless after that (Kevin) Baron goal.
From the only remaining cultural hub in a small town, the Mermaid Cafe, which exists where all others have been shut down by the government and story providing a child's eye perspective on its final demise and its effects on his world and the community at large to a tale of being "alone and helpless in a cold and spiritless house" in 'The Maid', these sagas are first-person reflections of what it means to live in modern Iran, and they adroitly explore the cultural boundaries of its traditions and people.