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The human being is a unique fusion of vital and spiritual being, a unified view of the human being can be derived from science, whereas the human being's freedom and self-determination depend on the absence of tradition.
Moreover, as a spiritual being Joanna is obliged to have dominion over the created world, which includes non-spiritual beings like Joe.
African indigenous religions and disease causation; from spiritual beings to living humans.
A very special chapter is devoted to the experienced phenomena of deceased loved ones, divine and spiritual beings, angels, and the communicative presence of higher evolved beings.
From knowing the truth about themselves as spiritual beings, they become capable of taking care of the details of their lives while supporting others.
Pat will use conferences, video and ritual as well as reflection time to explore the major contemporary thinkers on earth spirituality and ourselves as spiritual beings and planetary citizens.
Their theology also appears to be pantheistic and to contradict Church teaching which states that a free will was given only to angels and men, who are spiritual beings.
Let's face it," he adds, "no one is going to say to each other, `Hey, let's get together for the next 10 years and promise that we'll grow together as spiritual beings.
Many of the people I met doing research were the most spiritual beings I have ever known,'' said Duvall, who followed Baggett on the road for a couple of weeks on the revival circuit.
of the black woman in its place: Many women (both black and white) saw an escape from their physical sufferings on this earth by (re)defining and (re)presenting themselves not as physical but as spiritual beings, not as bodies but as souls.