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Thinking in terms of spiritual beings having a physical experience or physical beings having a spiritual experience perpetuates the illusion of dualism.
Even blacks who have considerable white blood can never rise to the level of a spiritual being because their animal-like subjectivity will make them forever incapable of apprehending "the law of God.
Approach to care focuses on recognising a patient as a spiritual being worthy of genuine respect and dignity.
My legacy needs to be that I helped as many people as possible realise they are immortal, spiritual beings that are pure love and you are forgiven for everything you do.
Different modes of spirituality, different attitudes towards spiritual beings, and tensions between the universalizing impetus of Christianity and the socially and spatially par-ticularistic beliefs and practices of the vanua are the sources of conflicts within individual Christians as well as within the Christian congregations.
all persons are spiritual beings for whom care of the spirit is an integral part of healing and wholeness .
The Hopi elders explained that the mountain is home to certain spiritual beings, Katsinas, who bring the rain and keep the social order.
Though fundamentally spiritual beings, we are deluded into thinking we are separate psycho-physical entities.
digital recording, with no audience present and thus no memories either, nor any enigmatic considerations, nor the stuffed animals that Palestine considers spiritual beings and likes to spread across his keyboard.
I submit, then, that patient and family issues at the end of life are almost entirely spiritual, for perhaps especially at the end of life, we become aware that we are spiritual beings.
They are also moral and spiritual beings who are in relationship with the universe.
Garcia explains that the songs, in pure Tewa, name a comprehensive honor roll of sacred objects in nature--not only animal species but spiritual beings, such as Evergreen Man and Woman, who provide the branches, indicative of long life, that are essential to pueblo dances.