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Benner's broader approach to spirituality in this work may be difficult for some readers especially in his generous borrowing from eastern spiritualities.
Table 1: Different Schools of Thought on Religion and Spirituality School of Scholar Comments thought Religion Allport, 1968 Traditional religious Equals Beazley, 1997 spiritualities are, in Spirituality James, 1902/1961 this sense, considered Schneiders, 1986 those that follow a scripted ritual, doctrine, or dogma, Religion Banner, 1995 determined by clergy, Differs from Bhindi & Duignan, 1997 denominational adminis- Spirituality Conger, 1994 trators, and theologians Dewey, 1934 and the formal institutions Elkins, et al.
In addition to learning about different cultures, spiritualities, and religions, counselors periodically need to conduct a self-inventory of their own spirituality.
13), develop their concept of spirituality not by the philosophical route but by looking for elements that the main spiritualities have in common.
When traditional religions decline, other religions or spiritualities arise to satisfy the "hunger for a world beyond.
There was a time in the church's history when it was very accepting of different spiritualities.
Spiritualities within Christian spirituality structure the final part, which includes such areas as ecclesiology, justice and peacemaking, and sexuality.