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As they predicted, the researchers found that adaptive spirituality (forgiveness, spiritual practices, spiritual experiences, etc.
The book is the result of research by participants in an interest group on the spirituality of Newman at the Catholic Theological Society of America conventions (2011, 2012, 2013).
Spirituality at work is a new concept emerged in management and business literature in the West in the recent years and is referred to as a new model [5].
RESULTS Students embraced the idea of spirituality connected to their experiences.
The work that I do is a fruit of my Catholic spirituality," said Sophie Jacobucci, an Echo apprentice, a two-year service-learning program at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.
Benner then bemoans any expression of spirituality that fails to take the body seriously and emphasizes that apart from a firm embrace of our bodies, spirituality will always involve an alienation from our emotions, passions, longings and sexuality.
The program addresses the differences between spirituality and religion, and looks at spirituality during illness, death and grief; spiritual assessment and empowerment, and life review.
Hence, besides pharmacological and nonpharma-cological management for schizophrenia, clinicians should assess the spirituality status and its meaning to an individual patient and should encourage those patients to turn to religion more frequently if they consider it useful to deal with their suffering," concluded Dr.
The recent spurt of scholarly articles along with several authors currently writing on the work-spirituality connection (Benefiel, 2003; Krishnakumar & Neck, 2002; Ashmos & Duchon, 2000; Dehler & Welsh; 1994) reflects the interest in the relationship of spirituality in the workplace, job satisfaction and organizational commitment (Connolly & Myers, 2003; Milliman, Czaplewski & Ferguson, 2003).
Our results show that scientists hold religion and spirituality as being qualitatively different kinds of constructs," comments Elaine Ecklund, assistant professor of sociology and lead author of the study.
Through in-depth interviews with 275 natural and social scientists at elite universities, the Rice researchers found that 72 of the scientists said they have a spirituality that is consistent with science, although they are not formally religious.
Understanding the significance of spirituality for individuals with chronic illness is advantageous to mental health counselors because it combines knowledge from multiple disciplines to find approaches useful to help individuals" create meaning and purpose in their lives.