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A relational framework for the study of religiosity and spirituality in the lives of African Americans.
Critical analysis of spirituality and its empirical indicators.
Moreover, multiple regression analysis indicated that rituals and belief dimensions of personal spirituality were found to be significant predictors of various work attitudes including organizational commitment, organizational self-esteem and intrinsic work satisfaction.
Keywords: Personal spirituality, workplace attitude, organizational commitment
Is it possible for a nurse to accept a patient's perception of his or her own spiritual aspect of self and of the truth within --with unconditional positive regard--without first discovering what the concept of spirituality means personally?
Spirituality has the perception of being cloaked in the mysterious.
Scholars of philosophy and religion set out a framework for the philosophical study of spirituality, as distinct from the established field of the philosophy of religion.
The Joint Commission has acknowledged the importance of spirituality and its role in health promotion, suggesting improvements be made in the assessment and care of one's spirituality (Joint Commission, 2011).
According to a Pew Research Report, the number of Americans who report experiencing a deep sense of spirituality at least once per week had increased to 59% as of 2014 (Masci and Lipka, 2016).
Thus, to recognize spiritual needs and provide spiritual care, it is necessary to understand the nature of spirituality and how different individuals may express it.
Workplace Spirituality if allowed to nourish by the organization, employees will perceive Spirituality at their Workplace and congruence can occur producing positive results for the organization (Walt & Klerk, 2014).
Meaning of Spirituality: The concept of spirituality is far broader.