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The use of spit hoods has been controversial in Britain, with some arguing they are cruel, while police forces say they are used for the protection of their own officers.
The guards don't stop the first spit but they do prevent other officers from being further assaulted in this way and offer innocent bystanders protection.
The spit guards are made from a loose-fitting, net-like material.
We recognise that the new guards will never stop the first spit," said Chief Constable Thompson.
The Spit represents a club where many learned to be good citizens, contributing to local communities in significant and diverse ways.
They should be made to clean their spit then and there itself," she said.
Loogie introduces a funny dimension into the platformer genre by its unique spitting," said Raik Bittner, co-creator of Spit 'N' Run.
They cannot, just because somebody spat, punish somebody and say, 'you intended to spit on him'.
The spit was Y-shaped, so it had a junction after a few metres that extended into two different directions -- both ends of the spits have benches for visitors to enjoy the refreshing view.
Spit speed matters to archerfish because the variation produces a stream with a fat glob of water at the front that maximizes wallop on the target.
Council plans to introduce fines for people who spit in the street look likely to get the go-ahead.