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The statement went on to say spit hoods "impair officers' ability to identify medical conditions and notice distress or pain" and increased the risk of suffocation when "spit, vomit, blood or other substances" became trapped in the mesh.
Thousands more Queenslanders have also been engaging with The Spit options online, with more than 5600 visits to The Spit website, and more than 480 responses in February and March last year alone to an online questionnaire which accompanied the pop-up sessions during those months.
BT Sport commentator Austin Healey was also unimpressed, saying on air: "He spits on him, and then stamps on his ankle -- you don't need that.
While the President dared his critics to spit on his face, he would deal differently with beautiful and ugly women criticizing his administration.
This week the force unveiled the fine mesh masks which will be placed over the faces of people who spit at or try to bite officers.
Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Jul 01 ( ANI ): A Dalit man in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district was allegedly made to spit and lick his saliva off the floor as a punishment after his son married a Muslim woman.
An amendment to the ordinance passed in 2011 also required betel nut chewers to spit in containers.
The driver of the car at which the spit was aimed is accused of putting his and other lives at risk by filming the incident with his mobile camera.
There's been many a time I've been walking behind someone who decides to spit in the street, and I've had to make quick manoeuvres to avoid either treading on it or it being blown downwind and hitting me.
Men were more likely to be restrained by spit hoods than women, with the average age being 28.
SPECIAL spit and bite guards have been used 40 times by West Midlands Police since they were introduced last month - including on a 15-year-old suspect.