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"This can therefore be described as a mean and spiteful offence."
There's not a cat in hell's chance that a man as vain, self-interested and spiteful as Earl Spencer would have missed seeing himself settling a few scores in what was undoubtedly his finest hour.
Little Tiger Lily will probably be better off if she never has to visit her spiteful grandmother let alone live with her.
A close friend of the Princess of Wales last night described a controversial new book which damns Diana as "cruel, spiteful and hurtful".
Hamza, jailed in Britain for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred, abused the goodwill of a country which showed him tolerance and endured spiteful rants in return.
A BIRMINGHAM man who carried out a "vindictive and spiteful" campaign against his estranged wife, including setting fire to cars outside the house where she was living, is starting a four-and a-half-year jail sentence.
Why should children be deprived of seeing their dad, grandparents and cousins because of a spiteful mother?
I have followed LFC for well over 30 years and there never used to be this spiteful back-biting.
This is descending into a spiteful fixture although the card count only told part of the story of a referee who had taken leave of his senses.
Foul-mouthed and overbearing, sitting in his Y-fronts he was portrayed in his true colours - a hateful, spiteful old man.
HOW spiteful and cruel Carole Malone's article about Cecil Parkinson's former lover Sarah Keays was.
Richard Davenport, defending, said Mills accepted it was a "cowardly and spiteful" attack on the landlord.