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Mynah birds can also be spiteful, so I implore your readers to take care and keep their faces away from such birds.
In fact Wood wants Scotland to emerge as a beacon of social justice to counter the spiteful rightwing rule of the UK government.
DAN O'Neill's vindictive article reveals the spiteful face of the left ("Why my thoughts are with a woman widowed in disaster", April 17) .
She said: "The last thing I wanted to do was to leave the law but this spiteful decision has left me with no option.
Washington, August 16 ( ANI ): Given the option of committing spiteful acts like reducing the money payoffs of others at no cost to themselves, many people avoid acting spitefully, but those that do consistently impose the maximum harm, a new study has revealed.
It seems spiteful to dishonour his memory in such a fashion.
Because if it was not, then one could be forgiven in describing Mr O'Keefe as mean, wretched, ill-informed, and spiteful.
GARY Williams says my letter was spiteful and vindictive (Voice of the North, July 5).
Spiteful McCubbin posted anonymous mail to the parents of the boy's girlfriend claiming they were having underage sex.
By tinkering with the rating system like this, they have produced a spiteful piece of legislation which helps no one in what is quite clearly a tightening economy.
IT WAS laughable to read that a bingo hall has closed and they blame smokers, calling them inconsiderate and spiteful.