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The former Liverpool defender was caught on camera aiming spit towards the passenger window of a car containing a 14-year-old Red Devils fan and her dad after Saturday's match.
She mainly spits on children, while also hissing and yelling at them," the petition continues.
Once the children had their fun at the playground, we had all walked along a man-made spit that extended from the coast over massive stacks of rocks.
Spit speed matters to archerfish because the variation produces a stream with a fat glob of water at the front that maximizes wallop on the target.
It never crossed my mind to spit at anybody - I think different cultures.
The cobras also aim their spit in the direction they think their enemy is heading.
We know they spit on elephants, hyenas, just about anything that passes by that's big enough to trample on them or even eat them," New Scientist quoted Lead researcher Guido Westhoff, a herpetologist at the University of Bonn, Germany as saying.
Each spit has an independent motor and its own switch to reduce risk of complete immobilization of the entire rotisserie should one spit malfunction.