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often spitted on bayonets, and we have several stories from
Tenders are invited for Synthetic enamel paint to clean spitted wall in surrounding common passage from gf up to 11 th floor of telephone bhavan ahmedabad.
These files are spitted into small files to be sent and the retransmission times are no more than 100 times.
Who can convincingly prove that I make illusionary historical statements if I claim that five thousand years ago a son was killed by his father because he did not perform his regular expressive ritual around his grandfather's grave, a wife was abandoned because she made the god angry by expressing or not expressing something, or a brother was beaten because he spitted over his grandfather's grave out of anger.
Vohra cannot deny the fact that leaders of the ruling BJP have spitted venom against the minorities particularly Muslims and the media only highlighted those hate-filled statements.
Translation: T his is becoming a trend, if the guy who spitted on him was punished this would have never happened.
190-99): it provides a parallel image of old fathers' heads bashed in, changes the image of virgins skewered by pikes to that of virgins violated by soldiers, and intensifies that of infants bathing in then parents' blood to become 'naked infants spitted upon pikes' (3.
He added that sectarianism was a poison and the terrorists spitted it on masses to push the society towards anarchy.
If there is a community in the complex network, the community can be spitted out by gradually removing these adjacent edges with a higher betweenness value that controls most of the information flow in the network because of its small quantity between communities.
The envoy allegedly spitted out the insult directly to the delegation of the South Sudanese government while in a heated argument with them in Addis Ababa on ceasefire modalities in the IGAD-mediated peace talks.