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The Spitter will meet that need, with rich, unique content that differs from the glut of "quick hit" joke sites out there today.
As it ended up, it wasn't the Spitter, and it wasn't one gobbler, it was two.
Again, don't use this one if the child is a swallower, not a spitter, although swallowing a little hydrogen peroxide won't hurt the child.
Marauding rodents or grasshoppers are also fair game for these terrific BB spitters.
Perry also said he didn't use the spitter nearly as much as he was reputed to have but that he went out of his way to make hitters think he was throwing it much more often.
It is difficult to know what message they are sending out when they hand serial spitter El-Hadji Diouf the same three-match ban as Hendrie received for his non-contact head butt.
Fans will have an opportunity to test their fastball against a DAVID Seed speed gun, catch packets of DAVID Seeds from the Spitter Car(TM), check out baseball equipment of today's Big League stars, play baseball video games and compete in seed-spitting contests.
Simplifying the creation of complex workflow logic, the X2Workflow Spitter enables concurrent implementation of workflow branches.
SPIT THE DOG: No relation - but funnier and better mannered than Blackburn's serial spitter.
Clients who have already taken advantage of this program include The Kabbalah Centre, Intuit, and Spitter.
Though there are new foes such as the spitter, jockey and charger as well as new weapons, there is no obvious fresh feature here that could not have been implemented as an add-on pack.