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To define White list is somehow limits SPITTers. But defining black list is not efficient method to limit or stop SPITTers to make SPIT call as it is mentioned before.
Marauding rodents or grasshoppers are also fair game for these terrific BB spitters. Both are also reasonably priced; just make sure to lay in an ample supply of BBs and C[O.sub.2], because once you start blasting away with either model, you'll find it difficult to stop.
We know that, over several sets of tennis and during much more taxing sports, we are spared this disgusting spectacle, so why are footballers compulsive spitters? It must be the lack of upbringing - pure and simple.
Most babies--up to 80%--have some sort of reflux, but most are "happy spitters," and the condition represents a clinical problem in only a small percentage, said Dr.
Without seeds, there can be no seed-spitting contests such as the one in Luling, Texas, home to an iconic watermelon water tower, or the one in Pardeeville, Wis., where the rules are strictly enforced: No professional tobacco spitters,.
The sooner he gets out of the wretched country the better he will be pleased." The married Gorky was traveling with a girlfriend, prompting the Call's headline: "MAXIM GORKY SAYS YANKEES ARE SPITTERS / Vulgarity of Americans Shocks the Russian Bigamist."
We all hate the cheats, the divers, the spitters, and the dissenters but surely violence is the most ugly sin of all and should never be tolerated..
However, once images of popular Hindu deities were painted on the walls, the spitters had too much respect for the gods and goddesses to continue their anti-social habit.
Additional diversions held in the Open Space include the Cherry Pit Spit Contest (you knew it was coming!) with daily prizes awarded to top pit spitters; the aforementioned Festival Air Show; wine tasting, including--but not limited to--you guessed it, cherry wine; a cherry-pie-eating contest; carnival rides; food and drink vendors with just about everything "cherry" in it; and, of course, what would the Fourth of July be without Traverse City's own fireworks display, seen quite adequately from the Festival Open Space.
Posters will warn when special wardens are being employed to catch the gum droppers and spitters.
Laughers, jerkers, spitters. They crash into the woods.