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Cisse admitted a charge and Evans was banned for six matches for spitting back, although Evans maintained he did not aim saliva at the Newcastle forward.
Referee Mike Dean confirmed later that he showed Saiz the red card for spitting, and Leeds will lose the influential Spaniard from their Championship promotion bid until the end of February.
The force says the new spit guards being issued are made from a loosefitting, net-like material with a reinforced section around the jawline to prevent spitting and biting.
Just as strict action is taken against rash driving, strict penalties should be imposed for spitting and littering.
As you likely know, mental illness in itself is not a crime, but physical assault of any kind, including spitting on someone, is -- and it will not be tolerated.
Dubai - People spitting paan (betel leaf) in Dubai should not be just fined, but also made to clean up their spit, many Dubai residents have said while welcoming the emirate's move to issue stiffer penalties for cleanliness violations.
The Maharashtra CM on Tuesday announced that a Cabinet sub- committee, headed by Health Minister Deepak Sawant, would frame rules regarding setting up of an enforcement agency to implement the proposed anti- spitting law.
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The Newcastle striker and the Old Trafford defender were both charged after a spitting incident during the 1-0 win by Louis van Gaal's side at St James' Park on Wednesday - missed by match officials but caught on camera.
There are medications to help reduce the discomfort of frequent spitting up, but they usually do not help with how often the child is spitting up.
The fish blasted several of his hypotheses about how they manage their sophisticated spitting.
Make no mistake, spitting is an unpleasant, dirty habit.