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But, spitting it out, he declined thereafter to bite it, knowing it for what it was, an inanimate thing upon which his teeth could inflict no hurt.
Your career of mischief is at an end," said the Retraction, drawing his club, rolling up his sleeves, and spitting on his hands.
Skinner remarked, spitting upon the floor, "but you're dead right.
PETERHEAD defender Scott Ross has admitted spitting at Nicky Law during Sunday's clash against Rangers.
The Dubai Municipality has doubled the fine for spitting paan in public places to Dh1,000 as part of amendments made to the regulations passed by the Dubai Executive Council.
IF DEVENDRA Fadnavis has his way, spitting on Maharashtra roads could cost people dear.
We have been working hard to optimize the graphics, sound and controls of the overall game and particularly of the spitting feature.
denied the charge, was found guilty by a panel of former referees while Cisse received a sevenmatch suspension, including an additional game for a ban earlier in the season, for spitting back in retaliation.
SPITTING is back on the agenda this week and, in short, is despicable.
As a baby grows, so does his or her stomach and spitting up becomes less common, explained Dr Josephine Dlugopolski-Gach, an assistant professor in the department of paediatrics at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.
When archerfish hunt by precision spitting water into the air, they do a lot more with their mouths than put their lips together and blow.
Robert William Bailey, 23, of Greenbank Villages in Church Street, Flint, admitted assaulting a doorman outside The Penny Black in Wrexham, in the early hours of Saturday by spitting at him.