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Spitting, and in particular spitting blood, is extremely unhygenic and very dangerous if the person has any diseases.
She said: "Shanaya was spitting blood and had a massive bleed in A&E.
There is always going to be somebody spitting blood about my wooden-faced, toffeenamed crappy acting.
A video posted by activists on YouTube showed Mohammad al-Mohammad, a doctor at a makeshift clinic in Baba Amro, holding a 15-year-old boy hit in the neck by shrapnel and spitting blood.
It was an awkward tumble and he was spitting blood back in the pits which is what suggested to us it may well be a rib injury.
Washington, Feb 2 (ANI): Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed to a hospital on Tuesday after she began spitting blood and mucus.
They had a definite penalty turned down, if it had been at the opposite end I would have been spitting blood that's for sure but now it's Exeter and that's exciting for the fans and players.
My experience of the race had me spitting blood over the fact I had chosen a betting shop, by Paddington station, in which to watch the event.
Hill was accused of spitting blood in the face of the policeman after the trouble started.
It left loyalist leaders spitting blood and vowing to re-double their efforts to claim his scalp.
The whole thing is a shambles and I would be spitting blood if I were a United shareholder.
She becomes Bee's new "mom" after the real one finally expires (though not before endless scenes of spitting blood, collapsing in the rain, pleading with God, etc.