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Residents Tom and Val Spitty at the official opening of the Farmstead on Dudley Lane, |Seaton Burn and the nature reserve at Seaton Burn college by ISOS SIMON GREENER
Newport and Jena met again last season in Germany, drawing 2-2 in a friendly, and their relationship continued in the sunshine at Spitty Park.
Di said: "Naturally, all three were a little scared and shaky but not at all hissy and spitty.
Some were from Cwmavon, some from Llanelli, but a good many more were workers from the Patent Copper Company's Spitty copper works at Loughor, for the company had entered into an arrangement with the proprietors of the Burra Burra mine to erect a Welsh-style smelter adjacent to the mine.
This has led to the inappropriate diagnose of thousands of spitty babies with gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD.
His palate sounded thick; he had some sort of spitty impediment.