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The lesser and least splanchnic nerves were found to be emerging from the MSC and communicating with the greater splanchnic nerve at the level of T9, T10 and T11, respectively.
Analysis of statistical variance in the passage of splanchnic nerves through the diaphragm.
In the present case, the right crus of the diaphragm was duplicated completely and the splanchnic nerves entered the abdominal cavity by passing through the space between the two right crura.
Previous radiofrequency ablations of the splanchnic nerves were successful, but pain relief was relatively short-lived.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A laparoscopic procedure that preserves the hypogastric and pelvic splanchnic nerves appears to reduce urinary retention after treatment of deep pelvic endometriosis, Paulo Ayroza Ribeiro, M.
The new technique starts with a paracervical and pararectal space dissection with identification and preservation of the hypogastric and splanchnic nerves.