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GMT Thursday) and would splash down in the Pacific about an hour later.
The group, from Tasmania are, making a big splash Down Under with their high octane Celtic-influenced folk.
It will head back to earth where it is planned to re-enter the atmosphere and splash down off the coast of southern California.
They picked up two printers, two DVD players, a Gulf Hotel voucher and two LPOD splash down passes.
If all goes as planned, the capsule will parachute back to Earth and splash down in the Pacific Ocean 500 miles (805 km) west of Mexico.
The park is offering its annual splash down pass at a special offer price of BD50 currently.
1965: Gemini V returns to Earth Two American astronauts splash down safely in the Atlantic after setting a space endurance record.
But alas, it seems that Nell Armstrong was content to splash down and blend into the woodwork.