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The capsule (http://www.floridatoday.com/story/tech/science/space/spacex/2017/03/19/spacex-dragon-return-earth-sunday-morning/99378278/) splashed down at 11:48 a.m.
The unmanned cargo ship splashed down May 31 into the Pacific Ocean, capping off a nine-day test flight.
After a flight duration of about eight minutes, the two missiles zeroed on to their predesignated targets with a high degree of accuracy as they splashed down into the sea.
1971: Apollo 15 splashed down. 1981: Over a million Solidarity members in Poland went on strike over food shortages.
ON this day in 1965, two American astronauts splashed down safely in the Atlantic after setting a space endurance record.
1971: Apollo 15 splashed down. 1981: Over one million Solidarity members went on strike in Poland to protest at food shortages.
It splashed down in the Pacific after a nerve-racking four-day ordeal, but the three astronauts managed to survive.
The extraterrestrial object suspected to have splashed down near Mexico's Yucatan peninsula more than 65 million years ago did more than just blast a big hole, cause worldwide climate change, and wipe out the dinosaurs.
31 last year, North Korea fired a multistage rocket, part of which flew over Japan and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.
His lugworm bait splashed down soon after 5am to tempt a 28lb 4oz beauty and then one of 21lb.