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Teeth, tongues, gums and every place in between will be Slurpin' Purple, Slime Green, Bleeding Red, Orange Crunch or Color Me Blue when kids chew new Tongue Splashers, the wild fruit-flavored bubble gum that "paints" their mouths with a bold splash of brilliant color.
Little Splashers swimming courses teach children from two months to four years are held in Coventry and at the Livingwell health club on Fridays.
based Farley's & Sathers introduced Ha waillan Punch Splashers, a fruit snack with a liquid center that offers 100% vitamin C and 90 calories per serving.
For the smallest feet in the household, the family-run, Quebec-based company Harley makes our favorite PVC-free splashers ($36), with fun, original patterns like "Surfer Girl" and "Robots.
5) O Hotel Atlantis, inaugurado em setembro de 2008, oferece 1373 imensos apartamentos e 166 suites, alem da Atlantis SPA e da Dolphin Bay, nos quais se pode interagir com golfinhos, explorar as emocoes aquaticas no Aquaventure, com 700 metros de praia, no Zigugurat, e no Splashers, que, ao longo dos 2,3 quilometros de corredeiras percorrem uma exuberante paisagem tropical ou explorando as misteriosas ruinas de Atlantida.
The Structherm Splashers - technical manager Ben Edmondson, marketing executive Damian Haigh, internal business development executive Gillian Pike and building systems technician Andy Carter - raised pounds 334.
Splashers swim pants feature "easy-to-tear-away sides" and on Attends underwear, a "soft, elastic waist design provides superior comfort" while "tear-away sides offer an easy option for removal.
The Great Western Railway could boast perhaps the most aesthetic of all nameplates with gentle curves to follow the graceful lines of the locomotive wheel splashers.
Britain's Biggest Spenders (ITV1) followed four of Britain's most extravagant cash splashers on a month-long shop-a-thon.
Little splashers took the plunge for a charity dip.
Position your raft so that the strongest splashers are in on the action and not watching from the opposite side.