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South Wales Police said there were 38 cases of splashing reported, with victims as young as 10.
They showed there were 63 reported incidents of motorists driving through a puddle and causing pedestrians to be splashed during a fiveyear period from January 2009, according to the six police forces with details on splashing.
While the sight of a droplet striking and splashing off of a solid surface is a common experience, the actual physical ingredients and mechanisms involved in splashing aren't all that well understood.
Splashing occurs, for better or worse, in many industrial processes, such as fuel combustion, ink-jet printing, and the coating and washing of various products.
First-time swimmers and many nonbeginners took to the waters like fish, splashing their feet, diving for colorful rings at the pool's floor, and learning the importance of water safety.
Splashing, air entrainment and surface turbulence have a strong influence on the formation and severity of defects.