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Musicians and visitors enter under a canopy supported on groups of splayed steel columns, through doors with windows set at a child's eye level.
In these pelvises, the acetabulum, or socket into which the tip of the femur bone fits, is oriented outward and upward, suggesting that pterosaurs' legs were splayed out, giving them a clumsy, sprawling gait, writes Unwin.
There's certainly a prurient curiosity factor at work here, given the advertisements showing the film's two characters, Denny (David Wissak) and Katia (Katia Golubeva), splayed nude on a desert rock.
In one, Barbara's hands are splayed and crossed before her, catching light and being caught in turn.
There are hoarse, percussive breaths that sound like death rattles, desperate falls, defiant stares, splayed fingers, slapping, crawling, bending, huddling and keening in silent anguish.
The single-storey house is organized as two slightly splayed wings of sleeping quarters flanking a central living and dining room.
3) Forensics students examine the mannequin Jane Doe, splayed to represent a drive-by shooting victim.
At first glance the outstretched petals resembled wings, making the flowers look like butterflies--an illusion encouraged by the fact that they were pinned to the wall like insects splayed out in a natural history museum vitrine.
The fairies, in mauve bodysuits, with the women on pointe (as are the mortal women), dance with a solid push into space, with taut, splayed fingers like tree branches.
Occupied only by an asymmetric chair, this deck is cocooned in splayed white surfaces.
By placing the six separate ads - simple affairs with the cartoon logos splayed across white backgrounds with short slogans - the firm hopes to break into a key advertising venue.
But they seem to be everywhere: lined up for Center Stage, which is showing at a nearby cineplex; in the gym bathrooms, where pairs of ballet flats peek out from below the stall doors; on street corners, chatting animatedly and marking steps with their hands, and on the hotel deck, where they sun themselves, turn somersaults in the pool, and leave wet, splayed footprints in the elevators.