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Poor conformation such as splayed digits may be a contributory cause.
The residual area against the splayed boundary neatly locates a discrete back door, and provides light into an otherwise enclosed bathroom.
Because the Freestyle has a stow-in-floor third seat, the rear frame rails had to be splayed out to the sides to make room.
With Mae and Minoff's dueling guitar spanks splayed over a bed of soft-edged bass thumps and propped up by Svenonius' squeaky, Ween-meets-Rick James spurts, it takes its predecessor's cerebral mystique one step further.
So far so good, until you read the tagline splayed across the page: "Turning It Down." Is the woman in the photo "turning down" the man's amorous proposition, or is she "turning down" the wine?
Here they exist in an incarnation called "nanohorns": One end of these minute carbon constructs is splayed out like a cornet, making it ideal for absorbing reactant gases (see www.nec.co.jp/press/ja/0108/3002.html).
He shows up with the big "I care" messages splayed on the backdrop like scrolls of tacky ethical wallpaper: "Corporate Responsibility," "Homeland Security," "War on Terror." The words appear to be going in one of his ears and out the other.
At the same time, the apparent trapezoid, with its splayed sides, calls to mind the polygonal apses of many late-Gothic churches (including the Cathedral of Florence) and so imparts a distinctly sacred flavor to the setting.
The pictures of the splayed remains of the badly-decomposed animal strewn amid the stones were sent in toDevon Live.
Swimming puppy syndrome is an uncommon developmental abnormality observed in neonatal dogs with hind limbs and sometimes the front legs, splayed laterally.
On the ground floor a reception hallway gives access to an attractive lounge with a splayed bay window, quality laminate flooring and a polished marble fireplace housing a living flame gas fire.
Springtime for the RNC evidences, according to the press release, "flowery pink anal orifices expanding and contracting in the breeze" splayed across a surface of citrus green, while newamericancen tury.org displays chalky intestinal forms rimmed in blood red against a periwinkle ground, a manifesto of all-American grotesquerie.