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The failure of her body to produce sufficient hemoglobin has enlarged her spleen which is supposed to filter her blood to purify it,' said their mother, a 44-year-old laundrywoman from Binan, Laguna, who is also a single parent.
Conclusion: The presence of an enlarged spleen is a valid predictor of the presence of oesophageal varices in patients suffering with liver cirrhosis.
The inquest at Liverpool Coroners' Court heard the absence of a spleen was a major underlying cause of Mr Mitton's death as it meant his body was not able to fight off the infection.
0001) reduction in body weight and spleen weight difference of mice in colchicine treated groups.
Spleen, a large encapsulated mass of vascular and lymphoid tissue, assumes clinical importance due to its haematological, immunological and cytological role.
However, the effect of Plasmodium chabaudi infection on the spleen of the murine lupus model BWF1with the comparison between live and gamma irradiated parasite was not studied before.
In spring 2012, a PET/CT revealed a low attenuation focus in the spleen consistent with metastatic adenocarcinoma, so she underwent splenectomy.
Most common tumors of the spleen are hematologic and lymphoid malignancies.
Cavernous hemangioma is a rare disorder of spleen with fewer than 100 cases reported.
ISLAMABAD -- Immune cells in the spleen can contribute to prolonged anxiety following psychological stress, new research has found.
In a paper published in Cell Reports, the researchers established that dendritic cells in the spleen must migrate to capture blood-borne antigens and carry them to T cells in order to initiate an adaptive immune response.
At necropsy, the spleen was greatly enlarged (enlarged 7 or 8 times normal) while the other visceral organs were normal.