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The Queens Park Sinfonia played splendidly, though we did miss the august presence of trombones and timpani (so important in this work) in James Longstaffe's score reduction.
Just before the break wing Lewis Hudd ran splendidly for a corner try to keep Keys just a point behind.
Then the ball went to the Neath corner where centre Matthew Jenkins gained a try that was converted splendidly by Craig Evans.
Kissing babies is a splendidly political incorrect thing to do.
The answer is fall back on the splendidly goofy David Tennant, introduce some excellent monsters, sinister side-kicks dressed in black motorcycle helmets, a blood-sucking pensioner - and a promising new assistant in Freema Agyeman.
In a nutshell: A short play, overstuffed with weighty themes and splendidly performed.
Not only that, he also had his friend Max Boyce produce a splendidly appropriate tape.
Her revival was splendidly danced and universally hailed by the critics.
Disaster struck in 1899 when fire ripped through it but it was splendidly redesigned in Georgian style.
This was something Umicore, a Belgian company dealing with mining and minerals, dealt with splendidly when doing a complete rebranding a few years ago.
This 'engagingly organized and splendidly photographed' (Wall Street Journal) book provides the verbal and visual vocabulary needed by professionals, public officials, and citizens to evaluate uncontrolled growth in the American landscape.
Also available in Spanish (Juan El Jardinero, 0976685949); French (Jacques Le Jardinier 0976685914); and German (Jake Der Gartner 0976685922), Jake The Gardener is recommended for all young readers and their parents as an original and splendidly presented story of family, friendship, and cooperation.