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The centre point is the chariot of 'Jagannatha, 'Baladeva' and 'Subhadra' which is splendidly decorated each year, and then pulled by crowds through the city streets.
Not so convincing were the somewhat weedy Tamino of Mitesh Khatri, and the effortful Sarastro of Clive Thursfield (though his dialogue was splendidly Churchillian).
This time round Stapleton hones his six-pack as reluctant Greek hero Themistocles, who rallies an army against warrior naval commander Artemisia (a splendidly sultry and vicious Eva Green).
Cross Keys have played splendidly in the last three years of this competition and coach Greg Woods, who two seasons ago steered his club to the final, said: "This is the best side we have played against and I take my hat off to them.
Ivory Coast's national airline inked the order for the dual-class-configured NextGen which was splendidly suited for their market.
TVRIGS chairman Alan Simkins said: "We have been able to share stories behind the splendidly preserved discoveries which were a big part of our local environment when dinosaurs roamed around the place we called home."
The weather held up well across the four days of the game, showcasing the surroundings which make the Riverside such a splendidly eye-catching venue.
Shame, for an Apache frost and an Indian summer somehow balance the weather lore books rather splendidly!
The majestically bruised but splendidly dramatised backdrops produce some of the best writing and performances of Gahan's career.
June, Toby, and Harry Reid thrived "splendidly" during the 17-month experiment.
Will accommodate both 20- and 30-round stick magazines mounted in the SMG and will protect any Thompson splendidly in the correct fashion.
Bigonzetti's narrative sometimes lacks clarity, but Malakbov's protagonist remains splendidly ambiguous about his sexual orientation.