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Much of the New Ansari cash was carried by couriers flying from Kabul and Kandahar, usually to Dubai, where many Afghan officials maintain second homes and live in splendorous wealth.
This splendorous fact is that the size of Pakistan's economy, measured through GDP-PPP (purchasing power parity), is $439 billion.
By characterizing mission ritual as pageantry, Russell fails to escape the romanticized view of the missions he so rightly criticizes and somehow implies a sense of lesser authenticity in mission ritual Of course, Russell might be suggesting that the frontier reality of California limited the ritual activity to a mere mimicry of the more splendorous practices of central New Spain, and as a result activities might be better described as pageants.
Floral inspired and visually splendorous, it perfectly reflects the joyous mood of an ancient festival.
According to Mario Roberto Morales (2003), "ladino refers to those who, accepting or not an evident biological and cultural miscegenation, identify with the values of the so called 'Western culture,' follow their models and accommodate them to the reality of their countries, usually scorning what they perceive as autochthonous, indigenous, and different from those models, unless the differences are viewed as an archaeological trace of a mythic, splendorous past".
They were proof of the splendorous life those strong walls had witnessed in the first 350 years of their existence.
I respect each and every founder who made entrepreneurship the splendorous acquisition target for the SMS leadership.
But the remnant of the people of Israel, the survivors, Keren, will remember the strange months of colorful winds, winds bearing feathers of all sizes, of every color and shade, splendorous, refulgent, luminous.
With all of the poetasters having been apparently defeated, Apollo offers the highest encomium to the victorious poets, purportedly those "poetisimos varones," whose heroic efforts are now rewarded with the coveted prize of splendorous pearls and the sweet fragrance of a rose: "Quedando alegre cada cual y ufano / con un puno de perlas y una rosa" (VIII, 124-25).
When it came time for him to toast the newly wed couple, Dai stood up in the most splendorous suit anyone had ever seen him wear, his glass lifted to his new brother-in-law (whose father had died only three years before in a car accident in Saigon), and said: "Anh Liem, now that I can officially call you my brother and say that you are also my friend, I would like to apologize for any deception or wrong I might have done you in falling in love with your sister, for in this most fitting occasion, I humbly ask you for her hand in marriage.
At a certain time of the year, during a false autumn, the Indian almonds of the Avenida del Puerto take on fabulous beauty: greens and reds filter light just as stained glass does, and flesh seen beneath the leaves takes on splendorous colors .
However, the splendorous beauty could not be matched on the field, what