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Some studies have taken splenomegaly as greater than 12 cm while others have taken it as much as 14 cm.
Among all cases of malaria (n= 100) fever was present in all cases (100%), 60 cases had headache, 60 had vomiting, 36 had convulsion, 33 had abnormal behaviour, 28 cases presented with unconsciousness, 24 cases with decreased urine output, 18 with dark coloured urine, 42 cases with anaemia, 46 cases with jaundice, 48 with hepatomegaly, 86 cases had splenomegaly and 3 with pulmonary oedema.
Fewer than 33% of refugees had evidence of an active infection known to cause splenomegaly at the time of assessment (via positive malaria antigen, hepatitis B antigen, or Schistosoma ova).
It can result from splenomegaly due to any cause but is most common with splenomegaly secondary to haematological disorders as thalassemia major.
Splenomegaly was more frequent in those with biliary atresia due to the late presentation of patients, indicating portal hypertension.
7) Our patient presented with pain and heaviness in the left hypochondrium with splenomegaly.
Subsequent abdominal ultrasonography showed splenomegaly and a pancreatic tumor, while the contour, size, and echogenicity of the liver were normal.
coli bacteria were isolated from blood and urine, the treatment with Ciprofloxacin had good response, but the urinary infection could not explain the splenomegaly.
Splenomegaly was assessed either clinically or radiologically, absence of splenomegaly in cases 2 and 4 being confirmed on radiological imaging.
Symptoms of beta-thalassemia include severe anemia, splenomegaly and iron overload in major organs.
1) In the cases of patients with histories of lymphoma or other cancers, the accurate diagnosis of LCA as the cause of the splenomegaly is challenging and would make the splenectomy an unavoidable diagnostic option.
50 per cent of our patients had hepatomegaly with or without splenomegaly.