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The dual core spliced joints on the Autoconer X5 produce a joint that is identical to the yarn.
Spliced joints with two combinations of component materials were fabricated and tested: OSB-to-OSB and OSB-to-lumber.
They discovered a complex but compelling series of consequential events: The EGFRvIII mutation controls expression of a splicing factor called HNRNPA1, which initiates an alternatively spliced form of a regulatory protein called Max.
Remarkably, this function is biased towards transcripts encoded by genes located in heterochromatin, suggesting that heterochromatic transcripts containing long introns might be spliced by a novel mechanism in which the EJC plays a crucial role.
On the protein level, alternatively spliced mRNAs may lead to the use of alternative translation initiation sites, altered translation termination attributable to frame shifts, or the creation or removal of a stop codon, thus causing truncation or extension of the protein product (9).
However, the solution extends well beyond tire manufacturing to any application where rubber material is spliced together.
In other words, the same DNA can be spliced into patterns that produce different proteins -- and perform different functions.
The mechanism of alternative splicing was first proposed by Gilbert (1), who postulated that different combinations of exons could be spliced together to produce different mRNA isoforms of a gene, and was a major contribution after the discovery of exons and introns in the adenovirus hexon gene in 1977 (2).
Having inserted this DNA into bacteria, they have developed a multicolored system of "reporter genes" they say will allow scientists to measure simultaneously the activity of several otherwise invisible, spliced genes in cell cultures.